I have been looking for a company who can provide me with Security workers for my site in Central London. One of my site managers mentioned Bespoke. I called them and was very surprised with their level of service. Not only they have supplied me with reliable security guards, but I have also been able to hire plants and site tools through them. I can honestly say Bespoke offer One-Stop solutions for all your construction needs.

If you are looking for a good quality workers Bespoke is your agency. Their consultants are experts in their fields and they can deliver temporary workers on a very short notice. Having one point of contact ensures you get to know your consultant and they can fully understand your requirements. Bespoke is one of a few agencies I can call a true partner.

I have been using Bespoke for years and they have always delivered the best quality service. They are my preferred agency and I would be happy to recommend them.

Bespoke have supplied us with White Collar candidates for permanent and short term assignments. I have been very impressed with the level of candidates and how well they were prepared for the interviews and the roles. For the first time we have recently used their online interview platform, OnPoint, and I must say it’s a brilliant tool. It saved my company lots of time and we have been able to fill vacancies much quicker

I have used Bespoke to provide me with Site Engineers. My dedicated consultant mentioned their Builders Clean division. As the end of my project was approaching I have decided to use them for sparkle clean. Within two days I have been provided with the quote. They have done a brilliant job. I will be using them for my next projects.

My company have always been using one of the biggest agencies on the market, so I wasn’t convinced Bespoke will be able to deliver. However I gave them a chance and I have never regretted it. They have confirmed the size of the agency is not important. Bespoke have a very personal approach and they fully understand my requirements. They are now on our PSL

Construction is a fast paced environment and as a contractor we need a reliable partner who can deliver what they promise. Bespoke have lived up to our expectations. They have been able to provide us with experienced trades and labourers so we could finish our projects on time